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Anonymous Questions

All questions sent via the Ownse app maintains your anonymity. The experts do not see your email address on their messages.

Targeting Experts

By selecting the profession or the field of expertise, you know your questions will be answered by the right experts that you are looking for.

Empowering You

By keeping your anonymity companies cannot contact you directly.
From all the replies you receive from various experts, you can decide on future engagement of the experts depending on how well they answered your questions.

The Right Expert For You

Ownse app takes away the pressure of phoning or emailing a company before you are sure they are the right company for you.
You obtain the information you need to make the right decisions.

For Experts

How Ownse can help your business

Targeted Questions

With users selecting specific professions and/or fields of expertise you know they are targeting you and your company.

New Clients, New Business

Experts who respond positively to users questions and concerns could gain new clients and business.

Building Business Relationships

It's simple. Your response to the question will increase your chances of securing a new client. A new client that is a right fit for your business.

Two-Way Street

Or you may receive a referral from a fellow expert, helping you gain new clients and increasing your professional network. Helping your business grow and prosper.


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Anonymous Messaging

Ask questions without revealing your identity.

Notification Choice

Choose how you receive notification of questions & replies (email, device or both).

Find The Right Expert

Choose Profession and field of expertise.

Right To Reply

Build a dialog and trust with the Experts.

Free Registration

Gain new business leads.

Add Company Signature

Let the users know who you are.

You Get To Sell Yourself

To targeted clients coming directly to you.

Referral System

Build your business network.

And much more!

New Professions & experts added daily.


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screen showing Ownse app sign up page for users

User Sign Up Page

screen showing user choosing expert's profession

Choose Profession

screen showing user typing question to experts

Ask Experts

screen showing Ownse expert sign up page

Expert Sign Up Page

screen showing message sent pop up

Message Sent

screen showing new question to expert

Question Received

Screen showing the expert replying to the question

Reply To Question

Screen showing the reply from the expert

View Your Reply

screen showing notification choice

Choose Notification

Screen showing the reply from the expert

View Replies

screen showing referral selection screen

Refer Question

screen showing referral email screen

Referral Email

Screen showing message history plus the number of replies received

Message History (with Replies)

Screen showing links when menu bar is pressed

Menu Bar

Screen showing Ownse experts edit profile page

Edit Profile / Add Signature

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