Are you using your Consumer Purchasing Power to its greatest effect?



Suppose you are trying to get your 2015 tax return prepared and submitted to HMRC on time. It’s nearly 31 January 2016 so you have left it a bit late. But don’t worry there are at least 2 million other people in the UK in the same situation. Now that represents some Consumer Purchasing Power.

Your tax return is fairly simple and you feel that it should only take a couple of hours to prepare. Importantly you are only prepared to pay a fee of £150 including VAT.

You want a qualified accountant to prepare and submit the tax return and calculate any tax due. Ideally the fee is tax deductible and if the adviser does not charge VAT, then so much the better.

So this is what to do

You simply download the Ownse App chose the profession ‘Finance’, the subcategory ‘Taxation’, compose your query and press ‘Send’.

The query is sent to all the professionals registered under that subcategory, who will then respond to your enquiry.

Your email address is never disclosed and you are effectively anonymous. This is an important feature within the Ownse App and is used to ensure that users are not bothered by unsolicited emails.

What happens next?

You will get replies through the Ownse App from accountants from within the profession, who will set out the services they offer.

You can ask further questions and seek clarification on any issues. If a particular expert seems the most suitable then you could ask for a letter of engagement to be sent to you detailing the terms to be agreed.

Sounds too good to be true.

The fees people are paying for professional services range tremendously. These can be justified where the work is complex and time consuming. However, simpler less time consuming work needs to be priced considerably lower.

And do not worry too much about the poor old professional. They will only do the work if the price is right and they can make a profit, cover some overheads or try and sell you associated services such as tax planning or pensions advice.

Ownse –  The App.

Ownse is a tool you can use, free of charge, to find the right expert, with the right expertise, capable of delivering the right service to you, at the right price.

Consumer Purchasing Power.

To use it well usually takes time, being properly informed and knowing when to walk away.
If you do it well then you will get the right product and service at the right price.
If you do it badly you may not even know you have made an error.


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The Ownse app puts people & businesses together with the right expert for them. Ask questions anonymously to experts across their field of expertise.

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