One Great Tip For Finding New Clients

Your business may not have a large marketing budget, so finding the right way to promote your business is the most important factor in dictating how successful you will be.

If you hire a marketing company, then be prepared to spend.  A good marketing company costs but a bad one can cost even more, both financially and in terms of your reputation.

You already know what makes your firm unique, so use this to get your message across in the most cost effective way.

You need to find a way of competing with the ‘big boys – or girls’ in your business sector on a level playing field, so that your firm has the same or a better chance of success.

So are you ready for the one single tip that will help you attract new clients?

the ownse app on iphoneIt’s obvious what we are going to say…
Download the Ownse app to your mobile phone or tablet and register for free as an expert in your profession.

Download for iOS Download for Android

With the new Ownse app you receive targeted enquiries.

The app has a growing database of users & businesses that are looking for Solicitors, Accountants, Surveyors and other experts within a widening  range of professions.

Users simply compose their enquiry, select the required profession and, if required, a more specific sub-category.

Ownse sends these enquiries to experts registered under that category on the Ownse database.

How you respond to that enquiry will make all the difference in whether you gaining a new client.

Please do let us know if you fall within a new specific sub-category within a profession, as the more sub-categories we have on the database, the greater the chance of finding new clients that require your specific expertise.

The innovative new Ownse app is the best tip for you to gain that next client. Download it today to your device and keep in touch with what is going on in your business sector.

Stay tuned to the Ownse blog as over the coming weeks and months we will be posting advice on engaging that potential new client. We will share tips for users seeking their first professional adviser and  we will be providing feedback on the changes and challenges facing experts within your profession.

Ownse Admin
The Ownse app puts people & businesses together with the right expert for them. Ask questions anonymously to experts across their field of expertise.

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