Ownse User Agreement

In using Ownse websites and Apps you are agreeing to this legally binding agreement.

Definitions :-

  • Ownse or We means Ownse websites, Ownse Apps and Ownse Ltd.
  • User means any user, expert or third party who registers or accesses the service.
  • Service means the service provided by Ownse websites and Apps.

Latest revision to this agreement : 1 April 2015.

1. Introduction

We are a social and business network which enables users to access information from professionals, businesses, users and non-profit making organisations, government departments and third parties.

We provide a service whereby users obtain information and details from experts in respect of an enquiry made by the user when they post an enquiry [POSTS]. The service extends to a referral of such enquiries to other experts and to third parties on the basis that such third parties must register as experts before accessing the enquiry. These activities are called the service [SERVICE].

Users are defined as persons who submit questions or enquiries [USERS] and experts are those who reply to such questions or who refer such questions to other experts, other users or third parties [EXPERTS].

By joining or using the network as a user or expert you are agreeing to this user agreement, privacy policy and any additional terms and conditions, as and when notified.

The service is free of charge.

2. Obligations

As a user or expert you must be 16 years of age or over. You are responsible for the providing accurate information or details included in any email sent by you through our social and business network and for the information retained by the service.

You are responsible for any incorrect, abusive or misleading information or details and you must remedy the situation by removal or correction of any such information or details immediately.

You agree to notices or advertising which we decide appropriate such as banner notices, on emails sent to and from experts, referrals and users and on other means of communication such as telephone, mobile, post or press.

Although the service is free of charge, you are responsible to pay for any advertising provided under an advertising agreement. Non payment or delay in payment will result in removal from use of the service.

All information and details which are shared amongst other users and experts must be accurate and truthful. We retain the right to amend or delete any information and details considered by us to be in appropriate or inaccurate. However the responsibility remains with the information provider.

3. Rights & Limits

The content of any email sent by a user and an expert [POSTS] remain the property of the user and expert.

Users and experts hereby grant a non-exclusive license to use such content for the purpose of the service under which we reserve the right to modify, delete, to copy, distribute, publish and process any content.

Users, experts and third parties have the right to access posts.

Users and experts must only share and post content which is truthful and to which the user and expert has the right to share and use.

Any feedback and suggestions made by users, experts or third parties may be used and shared without payment.

Such rights and limits are subject to restrictions imposed by the Privacy Policy.

We will not generally review the content of emails, notices or communications. Notwithstanding we reserve right to restrict or terminate the rights of any user or expert to use the service if use is outside this agreement, the privacy policy or law or is misusing the services such as those notified in ‘Will and Will Not Do’ section below.

4. Disclaimer and Limit of Liability

To the extent allowed under law, we and those working with or for us to provide the service :-

  1. disclaim all implied warranties and representations (e.g. fitness for purpose, accuracy of content or data, warranties of merchantability, non-infringement)
  2. disclaim any guarantee that the service will operate without interruption(s) or error(s) and
  3. disclaim the accuracy of the content of any posts, notices or third party presentations. The service (including content and data) being provided on the basis of the content , information and data ‘as provided by’ users, experts or third parties.

To the extent allowed under law, we and those working with or for us to provide the service shall not be liable to any user, expert or third party for any :-

  1. direct or indirect, incidental, special consequences or punitive damages, or
  2. loss of data, opportunities, reputation, profits or revenues

related to the service (e.g. any offensive or defamatory statements, down time and loss, use or changes to your information or content).

5. Termination

We reserve the right to terminate or moderate your use of the service. Whilst reserving the right to use or retain any content, information and data provided, notwithstanding, the users rights under the terms of the Privacy Policy.

6. Dispute Resolution

In the unlikely event of dispute, such a matter will initially be resolved through mediation and agreement. If agreement cannot be reached then the dispute can be resolved through application of the UK legal system.

Notification of dispute can be made only by recorded post (with signature of receipt) addressed to the registered office of Ownse Ltd.

7. General Terms

If any element of this agreement is unenforceable then we can ask the court to modify the agreement provided the intent remains unaltered.

This agreement (plus any additional terms entered into between Ownse and a specific user, expert or third party) is the only agreement which existences. However, you agree that we may assign this agreement to associates or a party that acquires the service.

We reserve the right to change the terms of this agreement and notice of such a change will be displayed on the Ownse.com website and will be effective 60 days after first so displayed. If you do not agree to these changes you must stop using the service.

8. 'Will' and 'Will Not' Do

The user will :-

  • Comply with all relevant laws and regulations including privacy laws, intellectual property, anti-span laws, tax laws, anti-defamation.
  • Register as an expert using your real name, email address, company name and phone number.
  • Register as an expert under a category and sub category which corresponds accurately to your expertise and knowledge, goods or services provided.
  • Use the service in a responsible manner.
  • Post enquiries which reflect their true circumstances, situation and needs.
  • Reply to enquiries in an honest and professional manner.
  • Reply to enquiries within a reasonable time period.
  • Disclose their true identify when it is agreed that expertise, goods or services are to be provided, if this point is reached.
  • Retain the anonymity of the user and expert until specifically authorised to do otherwise.
  • Disclose accurately to the user any affiliations or associations which may be pertinent to a user’s enquiries or which may affect the way in which a user could respond.
  • Provide feedback to Ownse on any inappropriate behaviour which may tarnish the reputation of the Ownse and the service being provided.

The user will not :-

  • Create a misleading or false impression of their needs and wants.
  • Misrepresent the services or goods offered.
  • Misrepresent their expertise and qualifications.
  • Refer enquiries to people who are unlikely to have the expertise, goods or services required.
  • Disclose the user’s identity or contact details unless specifically authorised to do so.
  • Enter into any unwelcomed communications with users or third parties.
  • Send Spam or post any unsolicited or unauthorised junk mail, spam, chain or pyramid letters.
  • Manipulate identifiers to disguise origin or compromise the anonymity of users.
  • Disclose any confidential information.
  • Harass, abuse or harm in any way another person.
  • Seek to identify an anonymous user or to use their identity or account.
  • Act in an unlawful way, libellous, abusive or disruptive manner.
  • Violate any rights connected with intellectual property , copyright, trademarks, patents, logos, trade secrets and such like.
  • Give the impression of being associated with a person* to whom the user is not genuinely associated (*including Ownse).
  • Post anything which contains viruses, worms, or other harmful codes.
  • Create the impression of offering any illegal or immoral services e.g. escort services.
  • Will not copy or use information content or data unless specifically authorised by Ownse.
  • Create an inaccurate impression through posts or through the reply to posts.
  • Create, modify or create derivative works of Ownse, its services and the related technology and/or coding.
  • In any way seek to access, decipher or attempt to derive in any way the source codes for the Service.
  • Sell, sponsor, advertise or in any way attempt to profit from the Ownse’ services, website or Apps.
  • Interfere so as to obtain information or disrupt the service or its functionality.
  • Monitor the service’s function and performance for competitive or non-competitive purposes.
  • Try and circumvent any security features.
  • Use software, devises, robots to access scrape, crawl or spider the services or related data, or bots or other automated methods to access the service or interfere with the service or data held.
  • Remove any copyright, trademark or proprietary rights notices.

9. How to Contact Us